Does Messi Need To Win The World Cup To Be The Greatest Ever?

Messi is currently the greatest soccer player I’ve ever seen play, it took me a very long time to come up with this conclusion. Longer than most. That’s because I’ve also watched Zidane. Growing up as a soccer player you always dream of scoring the winning goal in the World Cup final for your country. Nobody can tell me different, I know for a fact Messi dreams about this, even with all he has accomplished.

At the debate table I was always bringing up the fact he didn’t win a World Cup. Then, World Cup 2014 happened and I watched him fight and claw his way to a final against Germany. The ultimate showdown was going down and I was ready. But then Di Maria was hurt and so was Aguero and Messi was creating chances but his teammates just didn’t have the class to convert. So I started thinking, does Messi need to win the World Cup to be the greatest ever? Or as the game changed, is it acceptable to win a bunch of¬†Champions League titles to cover up that missing space in his trophy cabinet for the World Cup?


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